Taizhou CPPCC and deputy party secretary、vice-chairman Mr.ZHOU visit precious and research

2015-11-10 15:34:12Source:本站编辑

On Oct.12,Taizhou CPPCC and deputy party secretaryvice-chairman Mr.ZHOU with Jiaojiang CPPCC vice chairman Mr.WANG together visit precious and research.

The purpose of this trip is to examine the economic sectors of the group's business development of CPPCC members,to understanding innovation and transformation status and future development ideas of precious.

President Ye expressed thanked to support and care from CPPCC department heads of these years,and introduced the company's current management, production, technology, research and development, talent introduction, corporate culture and so on.

Chairman ZHOU said,precious’basic industry stability, strong anti-risk capability; leading industry great potential for development, science and technology of full; innovation industry is leading the trend, prospects are bright.

President Ye himself proposal CPPCC economic sectors as group members actively perform their duties, political participation, often leave deep, meaning, given good idea to the overall development of Taizhou.As a  president of Jiaojiang new council , but also has good organizational skills unity. Blessing Huibao in the near future convergence industry elite, brought together high technology, to create a higher economic value and social value.