Precious accumulate richly and break forth vastly, Group vice president Luo Yiming leading

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    At present, the severe economic situation affected sewing machinery industry, according to the personage inside course of study, market potential of the cold as the financial crisis in year 08. In order to meet the industrial transformation, the high-level members of the Group changed ideas, use market adjustment to speed up the transformation and upgrading, adjust product structure, promote the quality improvement, developed "continue to strengthen basic management group, to promote research and development, technology, quality all-round development" strategic development plan.

1. Leading by President Luo, engineers from research and development, technology, quality management departments participate together. For all sewing machine group within the scope of practitioners to hierarchical, division of labor, distinguished, from wide to professionals, by specifically designed to extract a series of training. For front line staff to master the various working procedures should know , master the technical main point, in thinking to develop the consciousness of keep improving, quality first, and this kind of consciousness into each production working procedure; In view of the technical backbone, to high end professional knowledge and skills training, career planning and growth plan, improve the loyalty, enhance cohesion; For managers at all levels, by visiting study, eclecticism, summed up the innovation, improve the quality of the management team as a whole, and continue to import the excellent performance management and promote the lean process.

2. Actively promote the the process of cooperation with Shanggong Group through carries on the world's top brand in the high-end medium heavy duty sewing machine in the production of this opportunity, to quickly improve the level of technology and quality control ability, to narrow the gap between world’s first brand. 

 3.Give full play to President Luo in the sewing machine industry authority of the quality of the technical level and rich management experience, with President Luo as the center, research and development with characteristic of PRECIOUS fist products, to create high-end research and development team, technical team and quality management team, guarantee the sustainable development of the company in the process of advance of science and technology, leading technology, quality and stability.

In retrospect, as early as in 2008, the sewing machine market recession due to the financial crisis, PRECIOUS Group adjust the strategic in time, on the premise of keeping steady growth in sales hard skills, actively promote "strengthening the basic management of the group, promote the enterprise sustainable development” work, with rich connotation of the advanced management concept, internal force into the storage , in 2010 achieved doubled its impressive performance.

This strategic adjustment, compared with 2008, determined to larger, more large scale and more solid foundation. With the leading of senior experts, the rigorous strategic planning to deploy and implement, believe that we will be in research and development, technology and quality have a qualitative leap, demonstrating the strongest on the market in the future.

President Luo carries out the strategy of “promote research and development, technology, quality all-round development"


   On December 22, 2015, the first training was held successfully. Deputy general manager and department minister of Precious Sewing Machine Corporation Limited, Chen Zhurui engineer carried on training for the company’s first line technology backbone and related department members.

   Engineer Chen principle about the structure of the sewing machine, formation of stitches and needle gauge,   analysis testing of noise and vibration, standards of product etc, explained the doubt and difficulty in the process of design and assembly. And put forward in the process of assembly to be rigorous, careful, serious character and form a good habit.

Engineer Chen’s excellent speech, humor verbal, rich content, make the trainees benefit a lot.

                Engineer Chen giving lesson



    Mr Luo Yiming introduction: Precious group vice President, senior engineer (professor) titles, used to be in technology, research and development senior management position for 35 years in famous brand enterprise in China sewing machine industry.leadership (in) the major technical measures and cooperation project between China and Japan, and was hired as the national sewing machinery standardization technical committee (SAC/TC152), deputy director of the committee, science and technology committee of China sewing machinery association. Multiple chaired or participated in industrial sewing machine product research and development projects, technological transformation projects and industry standards and examination and approval work.