Precious Held Second Phase Training of "Promote Research And Development, Technology, Quality-All-round Development"

2016-2-2 14:13:37Source:本站编辑

On January 5, 2016, Precious sewing machine co., ltd. gold processing subject training course held smoothly.This is the second phase of the training course after group for "continue to strengthen basic management group, promote research and development, technology, quality all-round development" strategic development plan.

Sewing machines, gold processing, quality control management, technology and development, supply department, each related head of the workshop, the assembly workshop supervisors and important process operators took part in the training.

This training by Mr Sun-the assistant general manager and senior engineer of the sewing machine co., LTD,. Mr Sun explains to everyone on a variety of sewing machines, machining principle and operation skills.The course with rich and colorful content, from the basic materials testing, process design, the use of cutting tool, fixture tool, measuring tools and measuring techniques, to programming, numerical control equipment operation, also share the 3D printing and milling machine with high precision metal parts processing technology and the German DMG milling composite high-end to issues such as the use of nc machine tools CTX.

Mr Sun combined with his own years of experience and vivid case, deduced a vivid training class, fully inspired by cultivating employees' interest in learning. They frequently ask questions in class, to obtain the accurate and detailed answer. With the advancement of comprehensive development strategy, Precious using their own advantages to carry out a variety of high-end talent training, improve the overall quality of employees, to ensure the quality of research and development, technology, comprehensive and sustainable development.