Precious Group held on 2015 Annual Management Summary Conference

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Review the year past, refine the experience, guide the future.Since the first conference of Group management Summary be held in 2010, The contents of summary which from various departments becomes more comprehensive,The work plan becomes more wider and deeper,The management performace prospers day by day,The performance standard of manager improve day by day.


January 3,2016 afternoon,Precious Group held on 2015 annual management summary conference,

Group head office,branch office, Branch of the department manager and workshop leaders attended the conference.The conference in charge of Group Secretary Huang.

Group office administration and management department, human resources department,finance department,Sewing Machine Company,Taizhou Carton Factory various department, the principal   and leader representative of workshop separately appear on the stage make a report of 2015 annual summary and work plan in 2016.Everyone talk his own view, talk to summarize,focus on analyse,diligent thinking,show plan, share a new experience and ideas, put forward the new idea of the new plan, have great originality.

Group Deputy General Manager Guan Liyong showed,In the past year,sewing machine industry is depressed, market is soft.Company promote a policy of one shop one policy, make the overall sales in an extremely unfavorable external environment to maintain the basic stability. The company is still in research and development, technology, quality has been a qualitative upgrade.

With Shanggong Group  Co., Ltd. cooperation and technical docking, to create an opportunity for us,industry senior technical specialist Luo Yiming and Senior engineer Sun Zhong joined, Full strength the power of team.5series 9 models of the development new models,so that we have own characteristics,contain technology patents.High end spare parts accessary inspection equipment,

the introduction of flexible processing center,strenthen the foundation of we pursure high quality.

In 2016,On the basis of the consolidation of old products,to accelerate the completely,maturely and mass produced new research production in 2015.And do well in the new development work.

Meanwhile we should continue to grasp the basic management, To further implement and strengthen the completion of personnel business and skills training,The product quality full controlled,product processing full supervised,technical drawing process is replenished and completed,material and supplies are effective managed and those several aspects of the work, In order to achieve the company's transformation and upgrading and sustainable development.

Group deputy manager and Taizhou Carton Factory deputy director Su Zhiyong said,In 2015, Taizhou Carton Factory has successfully completed the annual output value of the headquarters to enhance the target of 30%,The various measures accord with company development planning. Through the development and maintenance of new customers greatly enhance the sales volume,

the technical improvement and upgrading of equipment, machine substitutions increase productivity and production efficiency, The reward system and reduce the loss of logistics management, So as to improve the overall competitiveness of the company, has brought more customers, forming a business chain, logistics chain, a virtuous cycle.While obtaining any perofrmance, by comparing with the advanced enterprises in the same industry, We also found that there is a lot of space for improvement.Be sure in the new year, We pay attention to management and make unremitting efforts, focus on the implementation and supervision of the system, focus on product quality and continuous stability, focus on customer service, thoughtful and efficient, Through the management of loss, control costs, gather the heart, inspire courage, and strive to gain greater promotion in 2016.

Finally, President Ye made an important speech.In 2015, A slump in the sewing machine industry,the company timely adjustment of ideas, to ensure that the basic stability of the total output value.Taizhou Carton Factory through equipment upgrades, machine substitution, personnel training, logistics, service enhancement measures, to enhance the value of the and reduce the loss, scores of valuable and inspiring. It is proved that our Precious decision is correct, Precious staff can tough battle.In the new year, We need to establish a comprehensive strategic development plan, Under the premise of a good grasp of the basic management, to promote all-round development, technology, management, development strategy, develop the spirit of dare to fight, dare go all out, dare a determined effort, keep doing first precise,do fine, do real attitude, and actively coordinate, cooperate closely, dares to innovate, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs.