Precious Sewing Machine Corporation Limited holds 2016 (Beijing) distributor conference

2016-2-2 16:33:39Source:本站编辑

Beijing is one of the China biggest fashion city. So the sewing equipment is in hare demand, particular in high and mid grade sewing machinery.

In 2015, because of the right marketing strategy, powerful sales effort, steady product's quality and good after-sales service, precious sewing machine market in the regions surrounding Beijing and Tianjin is one of the good precious sewing machine markets in china.

On Jan 21, Precious Sewing Machine Corporation Limited holds 2016 (Beijing) distributor conference solemnly.

Elite representative of distributor at all level in Beijing area get together. They share experience, research market trends and seek the effective key to up sell.

The executive vice presidents of Precious Company Mr. Guan Liyong attend this conference.


Director of domestic department of Precious company Mr. Huang Jian discuss the market with distributors.Director Huang says, in 2015,sales performance of precious sewing machine in Beijing remain stable even in the sluggish situation, which is inseparable from distributors trusting on Precious concept, approving the products quality and pursuing spirit for sewing machine sales.More encouragingly, many elites join in Precious team in the current difficult period, which greatly inspire our confidence. Facing the difficult market, we should collaborate, enhance communication and complement each other’s advantages.

The executive vice presidents of Precious Company Mr. Guan Liyong deliver an inspiring speech.He says, facing the difficult sewing machine market in resent years, Precious adjust strategy in time, research the market situation actively and predict the direction of the market. The market strategy of “one policy for one distributor” starts to produce results, which remains the whole performance effort. At the same time, in our company, we carry out the comprehensive development strategy of “research, technology, quality”. Senior technical expert Mr. Luo Yiming and senior engineer Mr.Sun Zhong join Precious, which improve the technical quality management level. In 2015, we have created five series and nine new products.With novel structure, distinctive characteristics, leading technology, our products are well received by market.Well corporate with SGSB in the project of high and mid grade heavy duty sewing machine and other OEM project, which is advantage to the improvement of our technology and quality. We purchase more than ten intelligent flexible manufactory machines to increase the craft precious of the machine chassis, which makes the machine in high quality.We coagulate our cohesion and produce with intelligence and innovation to pursuit high value-added, high availability and high quality product.We and distributors help and trust each other, and fight together with the biggest passion and enthusiasm to come over the market’s difficulty.