The leadership of China Sewing Association researched and guided to our company

2009-11-19 0:00:00

    On Nov.17, the director-general of China Sewing Association Minyu Tian, the Vice director-general Ye he which are  five members researched  and guided to our company, the upper and lower of Group assembled to meet. Accompanied by the president Jianli Ye and Vice president Li Yong Guan , association leaders inspected the  entire of company production plant.

    Recalled to director-general Tian last inspection ,Precious still located in the old factory that  covers an area of  20 Mu , the new factory site was  just broke ground. But now,The new area which is  covered an area of up to 103 Mu  completed and commissioned. The new plant, new equipment, uniform items placed strict and orderly production management, giving a new feeling.


    And then, director-general Tian and President Ye talked long time  on the 2nd conference  room., director-general Tian acquaint him  with the current situation from President Ye, including in The number in the post, new area investment, domestic and foreign markets  developed  in recent , President Ye gived for a detailed answer. President Ye said: "Precious still hold on do well first, then  strong,and  have an  opportunity or create opportunities for big business policy.” With  Precious characteristics Policy ,It make us  still  forward steadily,and Welcome to the marketing season in the slightly warmer situation .

    Finally, President Ye  thank you for  the leadership of China Sewing machine Association spent their time to research and guid.And expressed thanks  to the care and support in recent years .