Northeast three provinces End-user Customs come to our company Visiting and investigation

2009-11-17 0:00:00

    On Nov.15,2009.Under our Shenyang Dealer , Northeast three provinces End-user clients which  a total of 13 people  came to our company Visiting and  investigation.The president of Precious Group Jianli Ye and sewing machine key account clients  department  Huangjian  warmly recepted them.

    As the company's sales network has been insisting on the structure of sperm do first, then a major principle, The company's previous sales network mainly concentrated in South China and North China area, including Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Beijing, etc. Designed to focus on the brand started first in the central and southern regions, and then inland to the northwest and northeast.In Jan.2009, After Precious brand was titled with Resounding Brand of China,our company have adjusted marketing strategies, Focus on expansion of the Northwest, Northeast regional markets.


    In order to let  Northeast clients understand  gold content of "precious" brand well, fill customer's "precious" brand recognition of the blank,and make Precious products sales network smoothly roll out in the northeast. The Shenyang Northeast dealers specially organized a end-users delegation  to go to our company  visiting.

    After  visited  to  new factory, and learnt the  development of Precious story, customers have expressed a willingness to cooperate with us, and believed Precious  brand will do better.